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Create a New Drive From the Desktop Application

Once you have created a Binfer account there are two easy ways to create a drive – via the desktop application or from the Binfer Drive web interface. The below steps will walk you through how to create a drive from the Binfer Desktop Application.
  • Launch Binfer’s desktop application if it is not already running and login. Once logged in you should see the screen below. Select the Action drop down in the top left of the screen
  • Select the Create A Private Drive option from the Action menu
  • The New Private Drive creation window will appear. A name and folder location are required to create the drive. Members and permissions can be edited in the web interface at any time. Below is a short description of each field:
Name: A name for your private drive Folder: The folder where all files will be stored locally Comment: A field for leaving comments for yourself and those you share the drive with Members: Select any members here that you want to share your drive with. This can be changed at any time from the web interface Options: The options allow you to customize certain settings specific to the drive you are creating
  • After setting your configuration operations click the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner to finish creating your drive
  • You will be taken to an info screen for the drive you just created. You have created your drive! You may interact with that drive through the web interface anytime the Binfer desktop app is running