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Download & Setup

How it works?

Binfer provides a distinctive file sharing method, unlike standard cloud storage services. It requires installation on a computer, which must remain online for the service to function.

Here’s a breakdown of the two key components to help you understand and get started

Management Console


Think of this as your control center. Accessible from any web browser, it lets you oversee and manage all your file transfer tasks. It can be Binfer Managed or Self Managed (see FAQ below).This is where the action happens. After Binfer is installed on the designated device, it establishes a connection with the Management Console for file transfer operations. All file transfers are direct, eliminating the involvement of third-party servers.

Steps to get started

  1. Download and install the Binfer installer specific to your computer’s operating system.
  2. Once installed, a setup page will launch in your browser. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Binfer.

Download an installer to get started.

Latest version is #ver

All installers are 64 bit.
windows macos linux docker synology
Windows macOS Linux Docker Synology
Installer Description Instructions
Windows service – server/client Installs as a service and survives computer restarts. Windows service based installer
Windows service – server/client – silent A manual installer for automated silent deployments typical in enterprises. Installs as a service and survives computer restarts. Windows service based silent installer
Windows command line – server/client A command line version to run Binfer without installing. Windows command line package
macOS service – server/client – PKG Package installer. Installs as a service and survives computer restarts. macOS service based PKG installer
macOS service – server/client – ZIP Zip installer. Installs as a service and survives computer restarts. macOS service based ZIP installer
Linux command line – server/client Zip installer. Installs as a service and survives computer restarts. Linux installer
Docker – server/client( Installs as a container and survives container restarts. Docker installer
Synology docker – server/client Installs as a container and survives NAS/container restarts. Synology installer

Frequently Asked Questions

To establish an account, a valid email address is mandatory. A verification code will be dispatched to the provided email for authentication purposes.

This email is also used for multifactor authentication, when turned on.

Please note that temporary or disposable email addresses are not permissible for account creation.

In the account setup step, you will need to provide your name, company name (optional) and a password.

Compatible installation environments:

  • Desktop Computers: Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or macOS, Binfer can be installed on your home or office computers.
  • On-Premises Data Centers: Ideal for colocation facilities and in-house data centers.
  • Cloud Virtual Machines: Compatible with leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GoDaddy.
  • Containerization: Docker support available.
  • Network Storage: NAS servers are fully supported.
  • IoT/Embedded Devices: Install on Raspberry Pi, Linux, or Windows nano-based IoT devices.

While the software resides within your environment, it offers two distinct modes of management:

  1. Binfer Managed: In this mode, the administrative console is maintained on our secure servers, providing a hassle-free management experience.
  2. Self Managed: Opt for this mode if you prefer to host the administrative console within your own infrastructure for enhanced control and security. You will need a special server license for this. Contact Sales if this is what you are looking for.

For a comprehensive understanding of these management modes, please read the Installation Options guide.

Experience the full capabilities of Binfer by utilizing our complimentary trial license. Following the evaluation period, you are invited to transition to a paid license to continue enjoying our comprehensive suite of features.

We are confident that your trial experience with Binfer will exceed your expectations. As you approach the conclusion of your complimentary evaluation period, we invite you to secure a paid license. Doing so will not only unlock the full range of features but also provide you with premium support and updates, ensuring that your file sharing and synchronization needs are met with the highest standards of security, reliability, and efficiency.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your file management experience. Secure your paid license today.